New scientific platform for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy

Even though publication of scientific data in peer-reviewed journals is the aim of many child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists who are doing research, this form of publishing data also has some disadvantages: Only a limited group of practically working personnel has access to these journals, studies that don´t find significant results are hard to be published (although they might be very valuable), and continuing discussions about forward-looking topics without a systematic database might not take place in these journals.

The online platform ArXiv established by IACAPAP provides the possibility to publish documents of clinical and scientific relevance for child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists and other allied professions. The publication is free of charge and can be composed in the first language of the author. Only an English abstract is needed for publication. The quality of the publications are guaranteed by a formal ethical validation by the respective national society. The platform offers the chance to reach a broad audience, and to publish scientific studies free of charge. Furthermore, young academics such as Master students can present their work to a scientific community and discuss their results with experts of the international community.